Four ways to promote your podcast and boost your listener count

Joachim Lindqvist – February 20, 2021

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned podcaster you always want to expand your listener base. This is probably the hardest thing to do as a podcaster and it’s really difficult to navigate the jungle that is promoting your podcast.

To help you on your way toward podcast stardom, we have compiled a list of four ways to reach, gain and retain new listeners for your podcast.

Make sure your podcast is visible to as many people as possible

Let’s start off with the basics. For listeners to be able to listen to your podcast at all they need to be able to access your feed. Podcasts are distributed through what we call podcast directories or podcast indexes. These are databases that podcast apps use behind the scenes to allow listeners to browse and play podcasts from their phones or computers. Different apps use different directories. This means that to be visible in as many apps as possible you need to add your podcast to as many directories as possible.

These are the directories you must add your podcast to: Apple/Itunes, Spotify, Google and Pocket Casts. These cover 95% of podcast listeners. If you want to reach the rest, check out How to distribute on our support pages.

Use social media to reach new listeners

Social media is a great way to discover new things. With practically billions of people using platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook everyday, these are key channels to spread the word about your podcast. Consistency and perseverance is important when using social media to promote your podcast. You can post about upcoming guests, snippets of newly released episodes or revisit old episodes, well anything you’d like.

Mumble let's you create short video audiograms of your episode that you can share on social media. Videos are a great way to promote your podcast since they get a lot more engagement (up to 10x!) than regular posts. We know videos can be cumbersome to create by yourself, that's why we let you create videos in just a few clicks and we'll to the heavy lifting for you. Sweet, huh? Read more about our audiogram feature.

Ask your listeners to subscribe, review and comment

Another great way for your podcast to end up in front of a new couple of eyes is to be more visible in the podcast apps. In each app there are top lists, playlists and other recommendation pages. One way for these apps to determine if a podcast is good and that they should recommend it to other people is to compare engagement between different podcasts. A podcast with a lot of great reviews, subscribers or comments will be more likely to be recommended in these apps.

By telling your listeners to help out the show by subscribing to your podcast feed, leaving a review or just dropping a comment in their app, you will gain a lot more engagement and in turn more listeners from these apps.

Cross promote your podcast by inviting guest or being a guest

This is a win-win-win strategy to promote your podcast. Contact other podcast hosts and ask if you can appear as a guest on their podcast or if they’d like to be a guest on your podcast. By appearing as a guest on each others shows you will get access to the other shows entire listener base. This is a win-win-win since you both get exposure in each other’s podcasts and at the same time you are creating great content.

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