Introducing Audiograms

Joachim Lindqvist – March 02, 2021

Today, we’re thrilled to announce Audiograms is included for unlimited use in all our pro plans. All our users can create as many audiograms as they want, each up to two minutes in length. In the past you had to subscribe to another services to create promotional videos for your podcast. But today it’s all included in you current Mumble plan, with no additional charge.

Gain new listeners

Promoting your show on social media is a great way to have new people discover you. What’s great with videos is that they get a lot more attention than anything else. According to a survey by Twitter videos get up to 10x the engagements over regular tweets. This creates an amazing opportunity to boost your audience quickly.

Create your first in one minute

An audiogram is a short video of one of your episodes you can share on social media to promote your podcast. You can use it to create promotional videos for any of your podcast’s episodes as many times as you’d like. There’s no need to wrangle with design tools yourself or call your graphic designer friend. It’s all done for you! You just pick an episode, a background, an orientation (landscape, portrait or square), a time span in the audio and hit render. A minute or two later you got a perfectly optimised video ready to be used anywhere.

Automatically transcribed

A lot of people view videos on social media on mute. Well, that’s a problem if you want to promote your podcast. That why we automatically transcribe your audiogram, free of charge! Now everyone who plays your audiogram will be able to take part of your amazing content.

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