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How to create an audiogram

Audiograms are short video clips of your show you can share on social media. Read more about what audiograms are here.

Before you get started make sure you have created a show with a title and an artwork. If you want us to be able to automatically transcribe your audiogram you will also need to add a language.

You also need to have create an episode with a title and an audio file.

Go to the audiograms page for your show and click “Create audiogram”

Select which episode you want to create an audiogram for

Select an orientation

Select a gradient

Select a time span of your episode audio

Choose if you want to create the audiogram with or without transcriptions

You can create the audiogram either with or without transcriptions. To continue without transcriptions click Create w/o transcription and to create with transcriptions click Next: Add transcription.

Tidy up the transcriptions

When the automatic transcription is done, tidy it up by adding missing punctuation, letter capitalisation, and words. Click Create audiogram when your done.

It’ll take a couple of minutes to generate you audiogram

It will take a couple of minutes to generate your audiogram. When it’s done you can download it and share it however you want.