Mumble Documentation

Upload your podcast to Apple Podcasts/Itunes

To get your podcast to show up in podcast apps you need to register your rss feed in one or more podcast directories first. Follow this guide to add your show to Apple Podcasts’ directory.

Make sure you show is setup correctly

Get your show’s rss feed

On mumble you can go to your show and then choose Rss Feed in the navigation.

Go to Itunes Connect

Open Apple’s Itunes Connect. Sign in to your Apple ID. If you don’t already have an Apple ID you need to create one.

Submit your show

Paste your rss feed into the URL field. Before you can submit your show you first need to validate your rss feed. When your show passes the validation you can hit Submit to submit your show.

Let Apple review your show

The review process usually takes a few days. When it’s done and your show is approved your show will be available in the Apple Podcasts app. A lot of other podcast directories use Apple’s as their source. So when you submit your show to Apple it will automatically be available in most other places too.

You only need to do this once per show. If you update your show on we will automatically update your show in Apple Podcasts and all other directories.