Get insights about who listens to your podcast, when they listen and from where they listen.

Near real-time updates

Get insights instantly

Our analytics dashboard is updated almost in real-time. Every 10 minutes your dashboard will be updated with new fresh listener data. Real-time analytics let's you learn more about your listeners.

Updates every 10m

Get to know your audience

To be able to grow your podcast you must know as much as possible about you listeners. We give you the tools you need to know your audience.

Which devices?

See which devices your listeners use whether it's iPhone, Android, tablets or web or something else.

From where?

We figure out where you listeners are. See which region you're most popular in!

Which episodes?

Which episode got most listeners and which didn't perform too well?

Listener heatmap

Know when people tune in

With our unique listener heatmap you will gain incredible insights about exactly when people listen to your podcast during the week. This will help you to promote your podcast when it's most efficient!

Choose any time frame

Analyse your downloads any way you want. Mumble’s analytics engine supports completely custom time spans.

Only real listeners

Bot or duplicate downloads are automatically ignored.

No bots or search engines
No duplicate downloads

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Show management

Manage as many shows as you want on the same account. Got a lot shows? Use organisations to organise them better.

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Create video clips (up to 2 min each) from your episodes and share them on social media to gain listeners.

Read more about audiograms

Get near-realtime insights about who, when and where people listen.

Read more about analytics

A website will be created for your show. The website automatically updates and is discoverable by search engines.

Read more about website
Embeddable player

Embed your episodes directly on you blog or website.

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User management

Manage your show with all your collaborators. Shows and organizations can have unlimited users.

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